About Us

Tarak Patel aka DJ Aladdin started his successful career in 1987 with a Sony boom box that had an FM/AM radio and one cassette player. He use to record different songs from the radio to mix or join different songs together by stopping and starting the pause button, which made him a master at transitions without having to beat mix. This type of mixing is a valuable tool; it keeps the crowd on it's feet and avoids a homogeneous beat. In '92 he setup two turntables, one CD Walkman, two cassette decks in his bedroom. He bought about 50 records & tapes, and from there he got his first party was a sweet sixteen house party in a garage.

From these beginning moments of "wanna be" DJ status, he slowly evolved into one of most versatile and successful South Asian DJs to walk this earth. DJ Tarak. The light show is composed with state of the art DMX moving head & laser effects that can be only seen at high end nightclubs. To this date,Tarak has DJ'd at over 500 events nationwide from San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas to as far south as the Bahamas on a major cruiseline.

He has produced and engineered two major underground hindi remix albums "SCREAM 2" in 1998 & "STRICTLY THE BEST" in 1999. He is the DJ that can take direction or give direction whichever the case, the party will rock and that's a guarantee.